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> Subject: Re: [WOT] was Re: [gundam] New Turn A episode Summary

> >movie, or they brought bloated expectations into the cinema with them and
> >were disappointed when Lucas decided to tell the story *His Way*, not the
> >way they would have liked it to be told.
> FYI: filmmaking is a creative process that is collaborative in nature.
> When Lucas made Episode IV, he had inputs from his actors regarding
> the dialog Lucas wrote that sounded good on paper but undeliverable
> on film. This time around, it's Lucas the dictator. You either do
> what he says or you walk with your pink slip. Nothing personal against
> Lucas, but I think one factor Episode I did not live up to expectations
> could have to do with the fact that he was King Lucas on the set and
> the actors and crews were too intimidated to butt heads with him for
> the film's benefit.

My point exactly. And really, what is so bloated an expectation that
Lucas simply make a movie as solid as the other three? What, am I asking
for too much? A movie, not a "kid's" movie? That's bloated? I'm not
one of those freaks that dresses like Darth Maul opening night, I just
wanted a good, solid movie that Lucas has shown he's capable of doing.

> >I'll agree with the next person that Jarr-Jarr was annoying, but to damn
> >the whole movie because of one character is being pretty damn anal.
> Actually he's an outer space Goofy. People who diss him because they
> can't get past the accent and weird syntax/word choice simply don't
> get it.

I could really care less about his accent compared to the bigger picture
that he added *nothing* to the movie. Understand? Nothing. Not "nothing
I liked", but nothing. Was he funny? No. Was he interesting? No. Did
he help the protagonists, provide any useful info or action? No. Did he
suck up a load of camera time? Yes. He's just one of the *many* reasons
to damn that movie. And, of course, there were many reasons to love the
movie, too.

> >Same here. The Ewoks were always kind of cute in my book and I've always
> >found them to be the element needed to lighten a rather dark movie.
> You refer to the... balance of the Force? ;)

*Needed* to lighten a rather dark movie? Why would it be needed? If the
story is dark, film it dark. Or use another story. Empire was the dark
movie, not Jedi. That balance of the force thing better have a better
explanation than that midichlorian crap, too. What's to stop Darth Maul
from injecting himself with a turbo shot of midichlorians and simply
crushing Obi-Wan's and Jinn's skulls by use of the force? I was reminded
of the movie "Blade" where they write off the whole vampire mythology as
a blood disease that can be cured. Thanks for nothing.


"They exit quickly.  The ship explodes, which stops all the droids and
 just makes everything great, because it's always enjoyable when a
 serious conflict is resolved with a slapstick accident."

- Rod Hilton, on "Phantom Menace" shortcomings

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