Paul Lampshire (
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 21:02:45 +0100

>Cima's okay, but she's just a pale imitation of Chiara Soon. In fact,
>she's only the evil half of Chiara who, like Rosamia Badam and Four
>Murasame, had a tendency to swithc back and forth between two antipathetic
>personalities, one who loved to do laundry and other domestic duties and
>one who got a sexual thrill from piloting a mobile suit and expressed her
>displeasure with a 12-foot (3-meter) bullwhip.

[Moment of sudden realisation]

She's the somewhat busty woman from ZZ with a bit of a thing for Judau,

Sorry if that's a dumb comment, but I've always wondered about that girl
with the whip in SD Gundam...

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