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>Or we may just find out the best MS is a GM. GMs have been in service from
>0079 to 0123, seeing all kinds of action. If I remember correctly, the RGM-89
>Jegan and RGM-119 Jamesgun each have a service record of close to 30 years
>each. And then there's the Zaku. In this kind of comparison, Zaku Is, IIs,
>and IIIs would all count as just Zakus, with one very long service record.
>Don't let the name Gundam blind you form finding the best Mobile Suit.

        How did this thread get to here? We _are_ looking for the best
_Gundam_ originally, but now we are looking for the best _MS_. Let's not go
too deeply into that, since each of us have our personal favourite series
and MS, so this has the potential to get out of hand. =)

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