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On Thu, 03 Jun 1999 15:08:42 Richie Ramos wrote:
>>> NOt such a bad idea. Comparison by impact and usage in one's era as
>>>compared to the best of other eras is a good idea.
>>Say, isn't this how we started all that fun with the Zakrello? :)
> Come to think of it, yeah, it is...hey, when can we have another makeover
> BTW, people...I just bought the kit of the Perfect GUndam...ARGH! this is
>a nightmare!
>Halu peeps. Just joined the list. BTW Does anybody here play SD Gundam G Generation? Since you guys are discussing which is the most powerful Gundam, I was wondering if the stats there are accurate according to Sunrise stats? If then, then Wing Gundam Zero Custom would be the most powerful one according to stats.
BTW Have you guys seen Hi-Nu Gundam? Cool, ain't it? =)

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