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Thu, 03 Jun 1999 21:46:50 +0800


        As some of you might know, My MG Mk.II lost on of it's beam saber
tips quite a few weeks back. I am now looking for a replacement tip, off the
original kit as far as possible, as it is a bit difficult to get proper
materials to scratchbuild the tip here.

        I know that Bandai will replaced the part if I send in a request,
but this require me to have contacts in Japan proper. Since I've never done
it before, and I have no contacts in Japan itself, I'll like to ask the
members of the list if anyone here is willing to help me out by 1) getting
the part for me and then mailing it back to me or 2) introducing me to a
contact in Japan who can do the same thing for me.

        The part in question is the stupid beam saber tip labeled G1. Anyone
who is interested in helping me please mail me off-list. Thanks in advance!

Lim Jyue
ICQ: 24737555

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