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On Wed, 2 Jun 1999 22:51:33 -0400 "Gus Jae" <gusjae@channel1.com> writes:
> Stay with Bandai Gundam kits. Don't bother with the rip-offs. Trust
me on
> this one, don't bother telling the store owner either because most
> shops buy from one or two distributors and they all got these Korean
> Chinese knock offs at some crazy price. I guess you just have to
> know...which is what we are here for. :)

I was wondering about this because he has had the same model for more
3 years. I guess the other collectors in the area know what the real ones
are also
because this same store has never been able to keep Victorys, MSVs, or
in stock. He gets a new shipment in every couple months, but someone
to buy them all before I get back there. :(

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