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Nightingale said :
> Earlier, Raitenshi Veilchen wrote:
> >> Hamaan's so cute... cute, cute, cute... and
> >> gorgeous too ^^
> then Edward Ju <> wrote:
> > How can one with an evil heart be cute?!
> She's devious for sure. At least you & I have watched
> the TV series to know Haman Khan better than those who
> have never watched any U.C. series & judged a person
> purely by the looks.

Yeah, I've got to agree here, but Hamaan is still (after Seira Mas), my
favorite female gundam character for several reasons, and her looks
isn't one of them. I genuinely admire the character for her greatness:
she's still young but she managed to rebuild Zeon forces and showed
enough initiative to step forward and take power. And accusating her of
being an usurper to the Zabi family (by using Minerva, who happens to be
a fake) is irrelevant since the Zabi are basically a bunch of bastards
who served only their own greed and had no rightful claim to power! I
guess that would bring us back to the Gremi Toto crisis.

I must confess I haven't seen the end of ZZ but her death looks quite
tragic to me (mind you, ZZ features tragedies). And is it me, or hasn't
she some kind of "foxy" attitude (at least, that was my impression)?

And last but not least, her voice actress is my one of my favorite voice
actors and she gives the character a whole new dimension (I know, I keep
mentionning her ^_^;).

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