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>I have never seen or heard of them before. I do like the Aura Battler
>though. Part bug looking, part robot is a neat idea. How does one play a
>Japanese strategy game, if one doesn't know any Japanese, like me? I have
>been tempted to buy a SRW game, but have been held back from buying one
>because I can't read Japanese.

Some words of encouragement for those who are
hesistant of playing SRW because of the language:

  Oh I love the Aura Battlers too... well, when I first played SRW,
  which is 4th SRW for the SF/SNES, I barely understood anything
  but the names of the robots and their weaponry. At that time, I
  can already read Hiragana, Katakana, and a little Kanji - and
  most of it, I learned from self-study (thanks to that DBZ RPG)
  and it isn't that hard if you have a comprehensive Japanese
dictionary and a table of Kana where you could match the Romaji
  with it's coresponding Kana. Anyways, back then, I barely
  understood any of the commands in the game... and well, now,
  I do of course, but I still can't read it ^^; Heh heh... as
  they say, "experience is the best teacher". Well, I don't know
  how long I've been playing the SRW series now, but I got the
  hang of it through time. I suggest you give it a try. Maybe you could
start off right away with SRWF Final. It's a really good game, especially
for fans of mecha anime. I mean, where else could you
  see EVA and GW together? (the SRW manga? that's another story ^^)
  It may look a bit confusing at first, but I'm sure you'll also
  get the hang of it. Maybe later on, you could also try similar RPG
  games like "Paro Wars", "G Generation" and "Brave Saga". There... I hope
I've been of some help and inspiration. But don't blame me if something
bad happens should you decide to give it a try, okay? ^^;

PS: By the way, for those who want to play SRW; I suggest learning
    atleast the Katakana first. Also, knowing the Kanji for North,
    South, East, and West, could be quite handy. Goodluck!

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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