Reza Akbar (
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 14:19:29 +0700

> I did correct most of the names, but that version of the
> FAQ is not released on my site because, as pointed out
> to me by several people, my FAQ needs serious
> proofreading, so until somebody is willing (hint, hint!)
> to proofread the new version for me, I am sticking with
> the one I had on my site...
> Thank you, by the way, of answering the question for
> me...
Please note that I did that only to help a fellow SRW fan. Well, you did
very well to correct some names for the original units (From Masou Kishin
Cybaster and Shinki Taisen SRX). Anyway, which one that needs a little
proofreading? And this time, please reply off the ML. Why? So I can move
freely to find something about it, especially for few corrections.

Reza Akbar

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