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> It's like taking a P-51 and a F-14 and comparing which is more
> powerful. Sure, the F-14 is more powerful, but in which context? The P-51
> was a great fighter in WW2, but not now when better technology is
> Lim Jyue
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Actually, there was a show on the Discovery channel that took the best
military air craft from around the world and through history, and compared
them by use in their perspective Eras. What they came up with was the best
Fighter/Bomber/Attacker for each era of technology, them compared those
aircraft's service record to then determine the best Fighter/Bomber/Attacker
of all time. A great show. I see no reason why we couldn't do the same thing
with Gundam. First, find the best MS/MA/Ship in each series, then compare
their service records. At that point, we should see which single MS/MA/Ship
is the best.

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