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>Dyar wrote:
>> Insofar as I know, neither of the pair of colonies hijacked by the Cima
>> Fleet were ever named, although, for what it's worth, the Federation escort
>> ship waxed by the Cima Fleet MS was called Strawberry 9.
>According to NT 100% Collection : GUNDAM 0083 OPERATION PROGRAM, they were
>named 'Airando Iizu (Island Ease, maybe)' and 'Airando Buredo (Island Blade,
>maybe)' respectavely. The one that fell on the North America was the former.
>The funny thing is, the basic design of Strawberry 9 was originally taken
>from Gundam ZZ's guest spaceship, named Kassiopeia. (0083 has so many
>inside jokes for so-called old-timer Gundam fans, hehehe :-)

They haven't gotten arround to reprinting Newtype 100% Collection 20 and
I've been unable to find it anywhere. I did, however, find the name
"Island Ease" on the maps in some of my other Gundam 0083 reference books,
as noted in a post I made from work this afternoon. These same maps were
translated into English in the now legendary fanzine, U.C. Herald 2.

As also noted in the previous post, "Ease" is just the best English
language fit to the "Iizu" katakana. Similarly, "Buredo" could be
transcribed as "Blade" or "Braid" or even "Bread" (a name once used by
Kazuhisa Kondoh for one of his MS, as I recall). I'm perfectly content to
go with Ease and Blade until someone can definitively prove otherwise.

>> The colony that dropped on Sydney during Operation British was named Iffish
>> Island.
>Its name was not revealed until the 0083 did some good job in historical
>retconn. The correct name is 'Airando Ifishu (Island Iffish, maybe)'.

The best match I could make of a "real" word with "Ifishiyu" was "Ephesus"....


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