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> No doubt, a pointless argument and I apologize. My only thought was that
> you *can* compare, if you feel like it, on a technical level. On a
> ESP, hero-gets-away-with-anything level, not really. I mean, it's not a
> question of are mechs from one series different or not but a question of
> how would they rate head to head? Sort of like how would the Hood and the
> Yamato do against each other? Both in WWII but they never saw each other.
> Or the Bismarck and the Iowa. Pointless, but very doable.

Yep, I see your point. Its already been done, so I don't see a reason for
another one, ya know? Its fun, but pointless. Hope that didn't sound rude, if
it did, I apoligze.

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