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It is generally accepted that a Newtype can sense the presence of
another Newtype, particular in a combat situation where they sense
pressure from the others. The stronger the second Newtype is, the
greater the pressure sensed. This sort of broadcast of thoughts is
the basis for psycomu weapon system where the remote drones are
acting on these broadcast.

My comment and question is this: At what point does this becomes a
liability? During the OYW, Federation personnel were able to hear
the Lahlah song, which is actually the broadcast of Lahlah's thought
thru Elmeth. At the beginning of Zeta Gundam, Char was able to
detect Camille Vidam upon the approach of Side 7. And at various
point in Zeta, Camille were able to detect the presence of powerful
Newtype foe, thus giving him a heads up on the situation. Can a
Newtype be train to constrain this kind of wanton broadcast?
Otherwise, a battleship can carry bit/funnel type detectors to detect
Newtype, and their cover would have been blown. Has there been
animated instance of someone deliberately trying to conceal their power?

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