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>On Jun 2, 4:13pm, Lim Jyue wasted bandwidth discussing:
> > Subject: Re: [gundam] Most Powerful Gundam
> > At 16:52 6/1/99 -0700, you wrote:
> > >Wait, why *can't* you compare universes? They are all based on the
> >
> > It's like taking a P-51 and a F-14 and comparing which is more
> > powerful. Sure, the F-14 is more powerful, but in which context? The
> > was a great fighter in WW2, but not now when better technology is
> >
>Well, ya, that's a given. But they're still comparable. And both based
>on the same roots (physical universe, strategic roles, etc.) even if the
>obvious "Come on, who would put a P-51 up against an F-14?" comment must
>be included. My question remains - why can't you compare, given the bulk
>of both universes being the same (Earth-based, humans, etc.)? You can't
>really compare, say, the "Lord of the Rings" universe with the "2001"
>universe since one includes magic and the other does not. Not easily,
>anyway. But Macross and Gundam universes, or Evangelion and Yamato
>universes, are pretty similar. Even if there are no Minovsky particles
>in other universes the creators of Gundam described their effects well
>enough to compare them to new "particles" or energy sources/effects in
>other universes. And metal alloys are metal alloys, so their performance
>figures are pretty comparable (excluding hero ships being somehow more
>impervious than other ships with the same armor, etc.).
>It may be a waste of time to compare them since they will never cross but
>it's interesting to think about a strike team of GMs and Gundams going
>against a squadron of Valkeries with Destroid support. At least to me it
>is. And one could say that a single Gundam could take out a single
>Valkerie based on stats of both ships. So, what idiot Valkerie commander
>would allow them to go one on one? He could deploy enough of them and
>the Destroids to even out the odds, etc. I mean, don't Gundams usually
>wipe the floor with dozens of lesser mobile suits anyway? Would be fun
>to watch.

Yeah, I guess so... but ain't the Valkyries in Macross 7 at par
with some of the most advanced Gundams?

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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