Dafydd Neal Dyar (ddyar@real.com)
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 10:51:12 -0700

I decided to look into this further and found that, although the two
colonies being moved from Side 1 (L5) to Side 3 (L2) are not named in the
anime, the one that is diverted toward the Moon is identified as "Island
Ease" in one of the maps in the reference books.

You'll find these maps in Gundam The Movies VI and the Gundam 0083 books
from Rapport Deluxe and Keibunsha.

The name never appears in romanji, only in katakana, so there's room for
argument here regarding the second part of the name. It's rendered as
"Ii-zu" and, while I've opted for the nearest English language match
("ease"), it could just as well be something in another (non-Japanese)
language, such as "Ys" (the name of a fantasy kingdom in a popular RPG).


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