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Hi everyone,

If the photos from previous Shizuoka Hobby Show's link
isn't clear enough, the official new release news from
Bandai Japan for June should be satisfactory.

1st off, at last, the 1:100 MG Dom:
(4000 yen, mid-June)

this is 1:100 MG Zaku II High Mobility ('Black
Trinary' version): (3000 yen, mid-June)
notice BT Zaku II's holding Dom's hyper bazooka.

Here's the 1:144 'ancient' MS Capule (from ZZ TV
series) appeared in the current Turn-A Gundam TV
series: (500 yen, late June)

Vinyl Action toy #1: RX-78-2 Gundam
(1000 yen, late June)
Vinyl Action toy #2: Char's Zaku "Red Comet"
(1000 yen, late June)
Vinyl Action toy #3: Zaku II
(1000 yen, late June)

Vinyl SD Gundam mini-figures (oyw mechas)
(a set of 6 for 100yen, early June):

Vinyl SD Gundam mini-figures (covering 0080, Z, ZZ, &
CCA. 19 in all) (late June):

My first impression is that 1:100 MG Dom, BT Zaku II &
1:144 Capule all look really good. The action toys r
ready to play/pose & except the painted black lines, I
quite like them. The SD mini-figures covers many of my
favourites, particularly those from 0079, 0080 & CCA.


Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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