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> I just got my hands on a MG Zaku II (See my other mail) and I was
>wondering about something.. Actually, this probably been beaten to death
>here already. =]
> Besides these, what other MSes do you guys want to see? ZZ Gundam? I
>personally would like to see a MG Sazabi and a MG Nu Gundam too, as well as
>most of the MSes from the CCA movie. Anyone has any wishlist/ suggestions?
        Love the idea of a MG Nu and Sazabi. With working fin funnels
(hey, if Lego can do motorized robots now, why can't Bandai do Psychomms
yet? ^_^). I'd really like to see a MG Rik-Dias, a MG ZZ Gundam FA
(well, at least we seem to be getting at least one of those), and a MG
0083 type GM (with Beam cannon armour, too!).
        Moving into the realms of complete fantasy, I'd also like to see
Bandai do MGs of mecha from other anime - for example, a MG Valkyrie or
MG Ingram... ^_^
        Oh, and a complete "teach yourself model kit making in 1 week"
kit. ^_^


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