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>> The pilot? Kyouji? That guy's nuts... by the way, why are there
>> two Kyoujis? (SPOILER: the other one being Schwarz Breuder -
>> Domon's ninja friend, also his brother) Which is the real one?
> Actually they're both him, it's just that Schwarz Breuder is the "good
> guy" part of Kyouji that got kicked out from the Main the
> other is the pure "evil" guy

That's not that simple. The true story is much more complicated than
what you did imagine...

                        << SPOILER WARNING >>

First, Dr. Raijou Kasshu, the mad-scientist daddy of Domon Kasshu built
the fantastic self-evolving machine named ULTIMATE GUNDAM, for cleaning
the earth's environment which was heavily damaged by the foolishness of
human race. But Major Urube Ishikawa of Neo-Japan military wanted to
make it his own faithful ultimate weapon to grasp the control of entire
Earth Sphere, so he forced Raijou to give it away to military, with the
help from Dr. Mikamura, the jealous old man of Rain Mikamura. But Raijou
had his first son Kyoji steal the ULTIMATE GUNDAM and run away to the
Earth. After that, Raijou was arrested and was under sentence of suspended
animation in a freezing capsule. ULTIMATE GUNDAM finally arrived in the
Earth, but during the re-enter process, its main computer malfunctioned
and evolved into the horrible new stage, DEVIL GUNDAM! Kyoji tried to stop
the reckless machine, but unluckily assimilated by DEVIL GUNDAM and made
into its 'living battery' reluctantly.

Second, Domon (who was training under the guidance of MASTER ASIA for
almost 10 years!) returned home and found his family was perfectly doomed.
Urube & Dr. Mikamura lied to him that Kyoji stole the ULTIMATE GUNDAM
for his own personal greed and urged him to enter the 13th Gundam Fight
and to search for the 'fugitive' Kyoji, with the condition that they'll
set his father free if he won the Gundam Fight and annihilate the DEVIL
GUNDAM for good. Meanwhile, in Earth, GUNDAM SPIEGEL of Neo-Germany
encountered DG, and defeated in the end of the unwanted fight. Kyoji,
(who was already assimilated by DG at that time) however, managed to
restore damaged GUNDAM SPIEGEL and to make his own 'copy' android who
has the memories and appearance of himself, then gave a command to him
"HELP DOMON AT ANY COST, IN PLACE OF ME..." Thus the android take place
of the real Schwarz Bruder (who was dead in the battle against DG) and
enter the Gundam Fight, to help Domon, the beloved brother of his original

The point is, so there are two Kyojis, the original kidnapped by DG, and
the copy being somewhat hilarious (but cool!) ninja master who teaches
Domon instead of MASTER ASIA (who turned to enemy at that time). And they
are both 'good' guys. (The only thing I don't understand is, why Kyoji
smiled so evily whenever he and DG encountered Domon on the Earth in first
season of G-Gundam. Maybe it wasn't the REAL Kyoji, or...?)

-Sunwook 'Love Your Brother' Kim

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