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On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Lim Jyue wrote:

> At 16:52 6/1/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >Wait, why *can't* you compare universes? They are all based on the
> It's like taking a P-51 and a F-14 and comparing which is more
> powerful. Sure, the F-14 is more powerful, but in which context? The P-51
> was a great fighter in WW2, but not now when better technology is available.

Another thing is that all the Alternate universes and even the later UC
tech are VASTLY different.

Take Gundam Wing's MS for example. They weigh about a 1/3 of the early
(MSG-Char) MS Types. Does this mean that they have less powerful armor?
better armore but less of it? weaker weapons compared to the UC? who
knows? I'm willing to bet that a JamesGun could run circles around the
original Gundam :P

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