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>Subject: [gundam] Re : best gundam girl
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>My opinion :
>Cutest G Girl : Tifa from gundam X
>Sexiest G Girl : Rain from G Gundam
>Most georgeus G girl : Haman Khan from Z, ZZ gundam
>Most beautiful G Gril : Aina Sakharin from 08th MS team
>Most "turn on" G Girl : Cima Garahau From 0083
>Anyways speaking of G Girls, who is Chara Soon and Lu Luca? Anyone can give
>description of them?

I think Lu Luca is more popularly spelled as Roux Rouxa or something
like that. She has long lavender hair... at least, that's how she
looks like in SRW.

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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