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> > Cutest G Girl: Allenby Beasly (G Gundam) / Quess Paraya
> > Sexiest G Girl: Rain Mikamura (G Gundam)
> > Most Gorgeous G Girl: Relena Peacecraft (Gundam W)
>Relena? gorgeous? geez... (if Relena's the most gorgeous in all the g
>series, then Hilde Schbeiker is the queen of the world)

  You're right... I forgot all about Noin's little look-alike...
  Don't you think she and Duo make a really lovely couple?

> > Most Beautiful G Girl: Noin Lucrezia (Gundam W) / Chien (Agi?)
> > Most "turn-on" G Girl: Dorothy Catalonia (Gundam W)

>Cockroach brow? turn on?.... tsk tsk tsk >=)

  Cockroach brow!? Hey! I was talking about her personality!

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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