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Wed, 2 Jun 1999 03:39:26 -0700

> Got it at 20%, about USD $24. Quite okay.
> (this is based on a 2SGD = 1USD rate. Of course, this is highly
>inaccurate. The actual rate is about 1.70SGD to the USD. =)

Not a bad deal...

> Hmm. time to start digging out that old manga.
> Seriously though, what's to stop a Zaku F from using the Zi-Me?

You will recall in the original series, when this was used, the Zaku
actually had to knee down to gain stability. My theory would be that
(1) the missiles were designed for in-atmosphere use, and (2) the recoil
is probably too strong for it to be used in zero G, since it looked like
the Zaku needs to gain some leverage with its legs before firing.

>>IIRC the "real type" antenna was first introduced with the MSV kits,
>>although some original 1/100 scale kits were reissued as "Real Type" kits
>>with less prime colors and military decals. The Zaku II was one of them
>>but I don't think it included the "real type" antenna.
> Well, the part was identified in the MG manual as a part, so it's
>most probably somewhere in the sprunce. I haven't started work on it yet,
>going to enjoy it next week. =)

No... I meant on the original Real Type kit that came out almost 20 years

>>torso. GLUE IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED HERE. You don't want the damn thing
>>to become loose and accidentally drop off the torso. These tubes can be
>>VERY hard to find once they bounce off the floor.
> Speaking from personel experience? =)
> So, I should glue the plastic tubes onto the metal spring?

No! I meant gluing the two ends of the inner rod to the torso.

> That's not what I meant. I meant, in "real" life, why would a
>designer build the cover to open outwards like that? I can't really say why
>I think it's not a good idea, except that it's possible for enemy fire to
>spring the cover open, whereas a downward closing cover will stay closed by
>gravity. Of course, assuming there's gravity.. =)

Hmm... the same reason the car hood opens upwards? For ease of access for
the mechanics?

>>> 6) What? No mobility at the waist, especially a MG model?? Well, I
>>>think I can forgive Bandai for this, since a Zaku is supposed to be built
>>>using the monocoque method.
>>What do you expect from one of the first MG kits released years ago?
> It still didn't make sense, since 1/144 Zaku kits had torso mobility
>long ago, and I don't think it's that difficult to upscale the design.

If you are thinking about the Zaku FZ from 0080, they are completely
different designs.


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