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>> RX-78 Gundam (2 versions)
>4 versions: RX-78-2, RX-78-3, crystal RX-78-2, and metal plated version.
>> MS-06 Zaku II(3 versions with a Black Trinary one coming out?)
>The Black Trianry one is the MS-06R variant (R-1A to be specific). If
>you want to lump all Zaku variants into the same group, then you have
>7 of those:

        Opps. =) I kept forgetting the crystals are MGs too. Incidentally,
what's to stop us from purchasing the Crystal version, using the internal
structure, and using the external armour from the normal versions? Is it

>> MS-14 Gelgoog (3 versions)
>Or 4... one of them comes with both the B and C options.

        True, but either/or, maybe I should have said "3 boxed sets", but
that won't be accurate either, right?

>More GM variants, hopefully the Sniper or GM Custom.
        Unfortunately, OYW's other GM variants doesn't really look good. And
the GM Custom is from 0083 right? Or is that another one of my mistakes? =)

>Because... it has weak marketing allure? The Alex was the worst-selling
>Palm-Top Series mini model as far as I could tell...

        0080 is probably the only show where the Gundam sells less than a GM
or a Zaku set. =) Compared to the excellent looking GMs in the series, as
well as the Zaku FZ, I supposed the weak sales of the Alex is to be
expected. Another is that the OVA version of the Alex kit really needed work
to make it look good.

>Didn't they just released a bunch of 0080 GKs like last year or the year
>before, for the true 0080 fans?

        Never saw them though, at least not over here.

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