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>> Just got my second MG, the F/J Zaku II, the jolly green giant. Yes,
>Well, hopefully you got a good price on it!

        Got it at 20%, about USD $24. Quite okay.
        (this is based on a 2SGD = 1USD rate. Of course, this is highly
inaccurate. The actual rate is about 1.70SGD to the USD. =)

>>correctly, the Zi-Me Triple Missile Pod Mk. IV is used only on the J
>>version. But I seem to recall that a manga showed a F version with the Zi-Me..
>The triple missile pod is indeed a ground version exclusive.

        Hmm. time to start digging out that old manga.
        Seriously though, what's to stop a Zaku F from using the Zi-Me?

>IIRC the "real type" antenna was first introduced with the MSV kits,
>although some original 1/100 scale kits were reissued as "Real Type" kits
>with less prime colors and military decals. The Zaku II was one of them
>but I don't think it included the "real type" antenna.

        Well, the part was identified in the MG manual as a part, so it's
most probably somewhere in the sprunce. I haven't started work on it yet,
going to enjoy it next week. =)

>torso. GLUE IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED HERE. You don't want the damn thing
>to become loose and accidentally drop off the torso. These tubes can be
>VERY hard to find once they bounce off the floor.

        Speaking from personel experience? =)
        So, I should glue the plastic tubes onto the metal spring? Should I
do that before sliding the spring onto the rod (is it possible?) or after?
Do I glue the spring onto the rod? (I don't think so..)

>I think it's meant to show the suspension mechanics... kinda like how the
>Mk-II's actually exposed with minimum cover...

        That's not what I meant. I meant, in "real" life, why would a
designer build the cover to open outwards like that? I can't really say why
I think it's not a good idea, except that it's possible for enemy fire to
spring the cover open, whereas a downward closing cover will stay closed by
gravity. Of course, assuming there's gravity.. =)

>> 6) What? No mobility at the waist, especially a MG model?? Well, I
>>think I can forgive Bandai for this, since a Zaku is supposed to be built
>>using the monocoque method.
>What do you expect from one of the first MG kits released years ago?

        It still didn't make sense, since 1/144 Zaku kits had torso mobility
long ago, and I don't think it's that difficult to upscale the design.

>> 8) The Heat Hawk. A minor point, but from the Gundam Mechanics #1,
>Most MG kits have a lot of creative licenses attached to them...
        In this case, the creative licenses actually made more sense than
the original design. =]

>> 9) Is there a way to convert this into a FZ version? =)
>Check out the Hobby Japan MG Zaku II Gundam Weapons special issue, I think
>they had one such modification IIRC.

        Cool! Time to get the book..=)

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