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> Hi all.
> Just got my second MG, the F/J Zaku II, the jolly green giant. Yes,
>I know I'm slow.

Well, hopefully you got a good price on it!

> Looking over the parts, I have this feeling that I will enjoy
>building this kit more than I enjoyed the MG Mk. II. For one, it got that
>cute moving mono-eye. =)

Hehehe, you probably will change your opinion after you got done putting
together the cursed "conductive cables"!

> Anyway, I have a few questions and observation from just flipping
>throught the manual:
> 1) Should I assemble the F or J version? True, there's not much
>difference in the 2 version, mainly veriners, but if I read the fluff
>correctly, the Zi-Me Triple Missile Pod Mk. IV is used only on the J
>version. But I seem to recall that a manga showed a F version with the Zi-Me..

The triple missile pod is indeed a ground version exclusive.

> 2) There are 2 types of antenne; one is labeled "TV Type", and is
>dagger-shaped, the other has a hook at the end, and is labeled "Riaru" Type
>(as far as I can translate from katakana.. the actual characters are: A-
>^Cv) What's that? "Real Type"?

IIRC the "real type" antenna was first introduced with the MSV kits,
although some original 1/100 scale kits were reissued as "Real Type" kits
with less prime colors and military decals. The Zaku II was one of them
but I don't think it included the "real type" antenna.

> 3) Are they really serious about threading a spring onto a plastic
>rod, then threading loops onto the spring? Is there anything I need to watch
>out for here?

Hahaha... now you know. What you want to do is stick one end of the plastic
rod into, say, PlayDough or styrofoam and stand the rod on its end. Then
start sliding the tubes in until you are ready to secure both end to the
torso. GLUE IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED HERE. You don't want the damn thing
to become loose and accidentally drop off the torso. These tubes can be
VERY hard to find once they bounce off the floor.

> 4) The shield looks really good with the injected Zeon symbol. =)

Oh yeah. Gotta love System Injection.

> 5) A pity that the internal leg details cannot be reveal a la the
>Mk. II , since the leg covers cannot be opened.

Bandai: "Buy a PG Zaku! Buy a PG Zaku!"

>Also, why, mechanically
>speaking, does the Zaku's ankle cover flip up like that? Seems a bit wierd..

I think it's meant to show the suspension mechanics... kinda like how the
Mk-II's actually exposed with minimum cover...

> 6) What? No mobility at the waist, especially a MG model?? Well, I
>think I can forgive Bandai for this, since a Zaku is supposed to be built
>using the monocoque method.

What do you expect from one of the first MG kits released years ago?

> 8) The Heat Hawk. A minor point, but from the Gundam Mechanics #1,
>the Heat Hawk is supposed to be stored by shoving the clip attachement
>through a groove on the left hip plate. This struck me as a bit wierd,
>because you can't disengage the hawk fast enough in a melee (you have to
>slide it _down_ first, before you bring it up). The MG's Heat Hawk storage
>makes more sense to me.

Most MG kits have a lot of creative licenses attached to them...

> 9) Is there a way to convert this into a FZ version? =)

Check out the Hobby Japan MG Zaku II Gundam Weapons special issue, I think
they had one such modification IIRC.


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