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> I just got my hands on a MG Zaku II (See my other mail) and I was
>wondering about something.. Actually, this probably been beaten to death
>here already. =]
> Let's take a look at the current MG releases, as far as I can
>remember them:
> RX-78 Gundam (2 versions)

4 versions: RX-78-2, RX-78-3, crystal RX-78-2, and metal plated version.

> MS-06 Zaku II(3 versions with a Black Trinary one coming out?)

The Black Trianry one is the MS-06R variant (R-1A to be specific). If
you want to lump all Zaku variants into the same group, then you have
7 of those:

MS-06S Char's Zaku II
MS-06F/J Grunt's Zaku II
MS-06S Char's Zaku II crystal version
MS-06F/J Grunt's Zaku II crystal version
MS-06R-1 Shin Matsunaga's High Mobility Zaku II
MS-06R-2 Johnny Riddens' High Mobility Zaku II
MS-06R-1A Black Trinary's High Mobility Zaku II

> MS-14 Gelgoog (3 versions)

Or 4... one of them comes with both the B and C options.

> GP-01 Gundam
> GP-01Fb Gundam
> GP-02A Gundam
> RX-178 Gundam Mk. II

2 versions... Titans (black) or AEUG (white).

> Zeta Gundam (BTW, what's its official code?)

MSZ-06. There is also a special coated (metal plated) version of this kit.

> RGM-79 GM
> a forthcoming MS-05 Zaku

It's already here, and there's a Black Trinary version too.

> a forthcoming MS-09 Dom.
> Looking at this list, I will say Bandai will produce every popular
>Zeon MS from the OYW including a probable Rick Dom I and II kit, maybe a
>Gouf, not likely Hygog and probably none of the MAs.

Remember my "rumor mill" post from a month or two ago? Some of them are
already confirmed - the new SD G Generation 0 kits are now cast in stone,
and the PG Char's Zaku II was indeed released as a separate PG kit instead
of an armor optional pack... it looks like a MG Zugock is not so impossible

>On the Fed side, they
>are pretty much left only with the Guncannon (imagine a MG Guncannon doing a
>Cow Pose =) and it's not likely to come out with the Guntank.

More GM variants, hopefully the Sniper or GM Custom.

> From 0083, the line seems to have gone dead, since they are pretty
>much left with GP-03 (which won't be very nice without the big, big, BIG MA
>attachment..=) or a few other Zeon suits.. maybe the Gelgoog F and Fs,
>hopefully but unlikely a Dom Trop, and unlikely a Zammel. Possibly a GT, but
>I don't think so. Any others?

There are too many kits that need the MG treatment. The HGUC line does
kind of shorten its candidate list, though...

> From Zeta, well, I haven't watched the series, so I have no idea
>what can possibly come out in the MG line. Any ideas?

100 Shiki, Quebeley, The O, Marasai, HiZack, ...

> What I'll like to know is why has Bandai apparently forgotten about

Because... it has weak marketing allure? The Alex was the worst-selling
Palm-Top Series mini model as far as I could tell...

> That's another 10, possibly 13 designs that will more than likely to
>be snapped up quickly. 0080 MS designs are the best I've seen in a long
>time, in fact, arguably the best in all the Gundam series. What's with the
>series that Bandai is so afraid of re-releasing the kits? Does anyone know?
>When was the last time Bandai actually released a 0080 line?

Didn't they just released a bunch of 0080 GKs like last year or the year
before, for the true 0080 fans?


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