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> I don't know about the rest of you but I'd love to see the F-91 get
>MGed...makes me mouthwater to think of those beautiful VSBRs and Bazooka and

        Hmm. Although the F-91 is a UC story, for some reason it simply
doesn't connect in my brain.. I wonder why.

> others from the f-91 movie I'd like to see is the Hardy Gun(or is
>that Heavy Gun?), plain and utilitarian looking make it look great as a grunt
>MS or perfect for customizations because of it's plain coloring.

        The Heavy Gun with the normal shield and the grenades on the side
hip? That's my favourite fromt the F-91 series.

> and, Finally, that Kampfer and Alex from loaded with
>weaponry and the other with chobam armor...great diorama scent one can make
>with the two....hohohoho....

        Hehe, with the chain mines wrapped around the Alex? =)

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