Wed, 2 Jun 1999 02:55:18 EDT

> Besides these, what other MSes do you guys want to see? ZZ Gundam? I
> personally would like to see a MG Sazabi and a MG Nu Gundam too, as well as
> most of the MSes from the CCA movie. Anyone has any wishlist/ suggestions?
> Just my 2 cents.

        I don't know about the rest of you but I'd love to see the F-91 get
MGed...makes me mouthwater to think of those beautiful VSBRs and Bazooka and
Beam shields. heck the 1/100 F-91 was pretty good especially good posebility
too but a larger MG version would be awesome. Fat chance of it happening in
the near future though....

        others from the f-91 movie I'd like to see is the Hardy Gun(or is
that Heavy Gun?), plain and utilitarian looking make it look great as a grunt
MS or perfect for customizations because of it's plain coloring.

        and, Finally, that Kampfer and Alex from 0080...one loaded with
weaponry and the other with chobam armor...great diorama scent one can make
with the two....hohohoho....
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