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        I just got my hands on a MG Zaku II (See my other mail) and I was
wondering about something.. Actually, this probably been beaten to death
here already. =]

        Let's take a look at the current MG releases, as far as I can
remember them:

        RX-78 Gundam (2 versions)
        MS-06 Zaku II(3 versions with a Black Trinary one coming out?)
        MS-14 Gelgoog (3 versions)
        GP-01 Gundam
        GP-01Fb Gundam
        GP-02A Gundam
        RX-178 Gundam Mk. II
        Zeta Gundam (BTW, what's its official code?)
        RGM-79 GM
        a forthcoming MS-05 Zaku
        a forthcoming MS-09 Dom.

        Looking at this list, I will say Bandai will produce every popular
Zeon MS from the OYW including a probable Rick Dom I and II kit, maybe a
Gouf, not likely Hygog and probably none of the MAs. On the Fed side, they
are pretty much left only with the Guncannon (imagine a MG Guncannon doing a
Cow Pose =) and it's not likely to come out with the Guntank.

        From 0083, the line seems to have gone dead, since they are pretty
much left with GP-03 (which won't be very nice without the big, big, BIG MA
attachment..=) or a few other Zeon suits.. maybe the Gelgoog F and Fs,
hopefully but unlikely a Dom Trop, and unlikely a Zammel. Possibly a GT, but
I don't think so. Any others?

        From Zeta, well, I haven't watched the series, so I have no idea
what can possibly come out in the MG line. Any ideas?

        What I'll like to know is why has Bandai apparently forgotten about
0080? Frankly speaking, I'll like 0080 to get a bigger share of the
limelight, since that was the show that actually got me hooked onto Gundam.
The OVA had a nice story, and great designs that would be excellent MG kits,
and the Zaku FZ is still very popular. I mean, let's take a look at the
potential list from 0080:

        MSM-03C Hygog
        MSM-07E Zugok E
        MS-09R II Rick Dom II (if they don't come out with it)
        MS-14 Gelgoog (which version? JG?)
        MS-06FZ Zaku FZ
        MS-18E Kampfer
        RX-78NT1 Gundam "Alex" (2 versions, if you really want to push it.)
        RX-77D Guncannon (sweet design, BTW)
        RGM-79SP GM Sniper II
        RGM-79G GM (2 versions: the Arctic version and the normal version)
        RGM-79GS GM (a simple refit of the 79G)

        That's another 10, possibly 13 designs that will more than likely to
be snapped up quickly. 0080 MS designs are the best I've seen in a long
time, in fact, arguably the best in all the Gundam series. What's with the
series that Bandai is so afraid of re-releasing the kits? Does anyone know?
When was the last time Bandai actually released a 0080 line?

        Besides these, what other MSes do you guys want to see? ZZ Gundam? I
personally would like to see a MG Sazabi and a MG Nu Gundam too, as well as
most of the MSes from the CCA movie. Anyone has any wishlist/ suggestions?

        Just my 2 cents.

Lim Jyue
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