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        Hi all.

        Just got my second MG, the F/J Zaku II, the jolly green giant. Yes,
I know I'm slow.
        Looking over the parts, I have this feeling that I will enjoy
building this kit more than I enjoyed the MG Mk. II. For one, it got that
cute moving mono-eye. =) The manual is quite nice, but as usual the CG in it
is awful. But the pics are nice, especially that J version with the cracker
in the hand.

        Anyway, I have a few questions and observation from just flipping
throught the manual:

        1) Should I assemble the F or J version? True, there's not much
difference in the 2 version, mainly veriners, but if I read the fluff
correctly, the Zi-Me Triple Missile Pod Mk. IV is used only on the J
version. But I seem to recall that a manga showed a F version with the Zi-Me..

        2) There are 2 types of antenne; one is labeled "TV Type", and is
dagger-shaped, the other has a hook at the end, and is labeled "Riaru" Type
(as far as I can translate from katakana.. the actual characters are: リアル
タイプ) What's that? "Real Type"?

        3) Are they really serious about threading a spring onto a plastic
rod, then threading loops onto the spring? Is there anything I need to watch
out for here?

        4) The shield looks really good with the injected Zeon symbol. =)

        5) A pity that the internal leg details cannot be reveal a la the
Mk. II , since the leg covers cannot be opened. Also, why, mechanically
speaking, does the Zaku's ankle cover flip up like that? Seems a bit wierd..

        6) What? No mobility at the waist, especially a MG model?? Well, I
think I can forgive Bandai for this, since a Zaku is supposed to be built
using the monocoque method.

        7) The MMP-80 comes with a detachable clip! And extra clips too! The
possiblities (and poses) are limitless! =) Actually, I like my Zakus to have
90mm SMGs. The 120mm rifles always struck me as a bit goofy. Of course,
nothing so far could match the looks of the FZ's 90mm. At least nothing I
could think of.. =)

        8) The Heat Hawk. A minor point, but from the Gundam Mechanics #1,
the Heat Hawk is supposed to be stored by shoving the clip attachement
through a groove on the left hip plate. This struck me as a bit wierd,
because you can't disengage the hawk fast enough in a melee (you have to
slide it _down_ first, before you bring it up). The MG's Heat Hawk storage
makes more sense to me.

        9) Is there a way to convert this into a FZ version? =)


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