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>Hey anyone can tell me what is the name of the colony which is fallen on
>earth (0083) and what causes it to fall ?

Insofar as I know, neither of the pair of colonies hijacked by the Cima
Fleet were ever named, although, for what it's worth, the Federation escort
ship waxed by the Cima Fleet MS was called Strawberry 9.

When the Cime Fleet cut loose one of its three mirrors, one of the colonies
became imbalanced and began to precess. This brought it into contact with
the other colony and the two rebounded, one on an outbound course away from
the Earth-Moon system and the other on an inbound course that carried it
into the Moon's gravity well.

The colony that dropped on Sydney during Operation British was named Iffish
Island. It was "depopulated" (either evacuated or annihilated, we're left
to decide for ourselves) during the Battle of Ruum in Side 5, which was
then at L1, and forced out of orbit by Zeon ships and MS. Unlike the 0083
colony drop, the first one went awry in that the colony broke up in the
atmosphere, missing its target. The bulk of it hit Sydney, with several
smaller pieces falling all across North America.


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