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I just went through the Forthcoming Books list covering the period from
April 1999 to March 2000 and there won't be any reissue of the Gundam
novels by Ballantine Del Rey during that period.

Also, the 45th and final BattleTech novel, The Killing Fields by Loren L.
Coleman, will be published by Penguin/Roc in August, which means you can
start looking for it in the latter part of July.

The BattleTech books will be replaced by a new series, MechWarrior,
starting in October with Ghost Of Winter by Stephen Kenson and followed by
Roar Of Honor by BattleTech veteran Blaine Lee Pardoe in November and By
Blood Betrayed by Mel Odom in December. Nothing else is scheduled January,
February or March 2000, however.

Shameless plug: Microsoft Access 2000 Step by Step by Dafydd Neal Dyar and
Mary Fujimaki (May 1999, Microsoft Press, ISBN 1-57231-976-3) went on sale
last week. Five lessons from this book also constitute Part 5 of Microsoft
Office 2000 Step By Step (May 1999, Microsoft Press, ISBN 1-57231-984-4).
I was paid quite well for the former ($36 an hour for five months, my best
gig to date), don't see a dime from the latter and get no royalties from
either, nor from any subsequent "repurposing" of the material, such as
Computer-based Training (CBT) or use on a Web site. Such is the life of a
technical writer in these modern times....


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