Mark Kuettner (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 19:06:41 PDT

> >Anyone can give me review of Hobby Japan's Special Edition of Gundam
> >GPO2A?
> >
> >Alex
>Pretty lame. It's very thin, too. Not many variations they had on the kit
>itself, and as compensation they threw in other 0083 MS. Gundam Weapons
>have really gone down the drain since they became a "Master Grade Special
>Issue" publication.

On the positive side, it does provides Max Watanabe's "corrected"
version of the GPO2A, along with a over-the-top Perfect GP02A and
a souped-up dessert assault GP02A. A great GP02A vs. GP01Fb diorama
is also featured, along with various hanger dios.

Mark Kai

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