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On May 29, 9:49am, Stuart Ng wasted bandwidth discussing:
> Subject: Re: [gundam] Most Powerful Gundam
> Well, can't exactly do that...since Super Robot Wars is just a FUN
> game...get with the program everybody plz. ^^;; Everybody's SUPER
>'s supposed to be a cute game!!! Not to be taken seriously
> who's the strongest in that's just supposed to be about a
> psychotic game where robots from all the famous mecha Anime, is stuck
> together into the game...yes crossover madness but's a
> farce/parody...and again...the mechas are in SD form...would you take a
> mecha that looks like that seriously??? Hasn't anybody seen the SD Gundam
> Anime's?? hahaha, jeez. =P
> >>You can't compare's like comparing...who is stronger? Son
> >>Gokou or Ryu? Can't compare because they are designed specifically for
> >>totally different worlds. To my knowledge, the universe which G Gundam
> >>resides in is totally different.
> >
> >
> >Yeah... tell that to the fans and creators of Super Robot Wars.
> >

Wait, why *can't* you compare universes? They are all based on the same
assumptions (Earth, Earth physics, humans, etc.) so any tech/mechanical
comparisons can be made based on where the new, bullshit physics go
forward from what is currently known. That is, provided stats are given
for the differing Gundam armors and weapons. Comparing the skill levels
of the different universe *pilots* is another matter but if both of the
universes give power to weight ratios, fuel consumptions (of their fake
fuel sources), weapon ranges and effects on materials, etc., it should be
pretty straightforward to compare. You could compare Macross to Gundam
to Evangelion physically that way. Any magic/ESP/"hero" skills would not
compare, of course, since those are the whims of the writers/directors.


"They exit quickly.  The ship explodes, which stops all the droids and
 just makes everything great, because it's always enjoyable when a
 serious conflict is resolved with a slapstick accident."

- Rod Hilton, on "Phantom Menace" shortcomings

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