Tue, 1 Jun 1999 15:08:59 EDT

> Char was a pedophile!? What makes you say that?
> The only women whom Char had actually invest his emotion into are Lalah Sun

Re: grumbling over Char and Lalah Sun's involvment at such a "sensitive" age,
we must remember that the age of consent in Japan is 14 and seeing that
Gundam was made for a Japanese audiences our "western" view of the ethical
nature of this coupling is not really applicable.

It wasn' t made for us. We've no grounds upon which to criticize the age

RE: Char's later "involvement" with young girls elswhen in the story arc
appears to be no more than emotion manipulation to get access to their
newtype abilities, furthering his aims. A crush is a power crowbar for

Thanks for listening.
Chris Perry


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