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On 1 Jun 99, at 7:35, Su, Rodrick wrote:

> > Char was a pedophile!? What makes you say that?
> The only women whom Char had actually invest his emotion into are Lalah Sun

Gush, Char was 19 when he met Lalah, 16. I really don't see a
problem with that. Under California law, statutory rape charge won't
kick in unless one party is more than 5 year senior to the order
party, even if one party is minor by California law. Otherwise, in
other states, you have horror story like the 6-year boy who is forced
to register as sex offender under Megan's law for rest of his life for
playing doctor with the girl of same age.

And according to the mini-novel, Lalah was already doing "Enjo Kosai"
when she meet Char.

> and Quess, both are of minor age. More to the point with Quess in CCA. In
> CCA, Char manipulated Quess like a puppet, and others have point it out that
> he is trying to recreate Lalah Sun with this young girl.

Their releationship is clearly platonic. All those people who had
suggested otherwise on screen, are just being jealous of that

To put it in my Genji, the shinning one=Char, the red comet analogy:

Fujitsubo/Lalah are the replacment for the mother those men don't have
much acutal memory of.

Murasaki/Quess are the replacement to the replacement. That they meet
the men at younger age, and groomed to be take the older women's place,
AFTER THEY ARE OLDER. Genji waited til Murasaki was 16, old age
by 11th Century standard. Char and Quess, well, we will never know.

Last but not least, Char had been connected to many people in romantic
manner, Kirishina, Garma etc. Let's just say he is interested in anything
that moves as oppose to pedophile.

Jim Huang

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