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> Some members of the list don't really like GW,
> because it reverts back to the super robot theme
> (U.C.) Gundam abandoned from the start.

You mentioned earlier about the realism of U.C. Gundam
series likened the World War II. That's particlarly
true w/ the One Year War (0079, 08th MS Team, & 0080),
in which mobile suits can be adjusted/improved to
adapt different combat requirements (best example: Dom
Tropen for desert warfares, Kampfer for blitzkrieg, &
so on). Another important fact why we grew up with &
still love UC Gundam series is that winning any war is
ALWAYS a collective effort. Amuro, Camille, White
Base, Gundams, etc. are just small parts of an overall
success. They were never portraited as THE heroes
solely responsible for bringing the peace, nor the
ONLY hope the mankind can rely on. This U.C.'s realism
remains intact from the original Gundam 0079 right
thru V Gundam, and is remarking different from the ALT
series, which is free from such constraints.

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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