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>Then, you're actually saying that these Newtypes are some sort of
>super-human pilots with super powers? Then how come I recall
>someone ranting about G Gundam because the pilots/Gundams have
>super powers. And that "Gundam" is supposed to be realistic, with feasible
>mechs and all?

        There are superpowers, and there are _superpowers_. =)

        Let me try to explain. Gundam is realistic because it was the first
anime in the era to treat robots as pieces of machinery, rather than some
god-like/god-given mecha which cannot be defeated because it always have
some special attack. In fact, Gundam MSes have this tendency to explode with
a single hit to a torso location (Lt. Burning is an example). Gundam treats
the MSes like the military treats tanks, using them like military hardware.
Furthermore, military tactics in the UC Gundam is actually applicable to
today. (Just watch the jungle fighting in the second episode of 08MST!)

        As for NT powers, originally, and in the novels, NT powers are
"merely" an expanded awareness. IIRC, Bandai wasn't too happy with that
idea, and made Tomino upgrade the power ability.

        Mechanically, Gundam MSes are almost possible by today's standard,
it's just that nobody was been interested enough to finace the cost of
building one. Power wise, we hear of telekinetics in the news from time to
time, and the original idea of an expanded awareness by the prolong exposure
to space is all too possible.

        Hence, the UC Gundam series are quite realistic, whereas non-UC
series sometimes just ignore practicality and realism to create the old
super-robot roles.

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