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>(Most Beautiful G Girl:)
>Mine? Got to be Chris McKenzie from 0080. She's the
>girl next door.

        She is about the most "approachable" personality among the G girls
I've seen, and that does add to her charm.

>(Most "turn-on" G Girl)
>The one I love the most is Cima Garahau from 0083 -
>she's sexy & devious. Another good choice is Karen

        I won't say she's a "turn-on" G girl, but Cima is definitely
attention grabbing because she is so confident about everything she does..

>she's sexy & devious. Another good choice is Karen
>Joshua from 08th MS Team - a real woman that'll put
>those slogan-chanting feminists to shame.
        And probably ground them into the dirt underneath her Gundam's feet
for good measures too. =)

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