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>Subject: Re: [gundam] What happened to Char and Hamaan?
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>In the TV anime, Hamman Khan led the Neo-Jions on an ill-fated campaign
>against the Earth Federal government depicted during the GUNDAM ZZ series.
>plans fell apart when a coup attempt was staged by one of her ranking
>(Gremi Toto, who claimed descent from the Zabi family through Glenn Zabi).
>After the rebelling Toto loyalists were defeated, Hamman found herself
>surrounded by the Feds at Axcis, where she staged one last battle.
>Captured by
>Jude Ashita (the teen hero of ZZ), she commits suicide by blowing herself
>up in
>her mobile suit, being so fanatical about her cause as she was.
> Char's fate is more unclear. He disappeared during the climactic last
>of CCA, along with his rival Amuro Ray. Word has it that a "memory clone"
>Char was activated centuries later to lead a rebellion against a corrupt
>government, as depicted in a series titled GIAGEAR.

Uh huh... uh huh... uh hmm.... okay, but what I was actually
asking was; "Weren't Char and Hamaan lovers or something?"
And if so; "What happened to their relationship?"

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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