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>Clear example are Amuro, Quess, Judo and Camille who was always
>rebellious. Hamaan and Char were a manipulative, and it has been
>questionable was to whether Char was a paedophile. Rosamia had multiple
>personalities (albiet by artificial means) and Scirocco and were just
>plain scary.

Char was a pedophile!? What makes you say that?

>I think it was Tomino's intention to make Newtypes not glamourous, and
>they have severe personality faults which IMHO, far outweigh their gifts.

   Personally I say screw the Newtypes.

Screw the Newtypes!? Heh heh... anytime if it's Hamaan ^^;

>hmmm, I wonder if anyone has written a thesis on Tomino's works and
>literature, it might shed some light on the Newtype thing.

I don't think so... but wouldn't it be great to write a thesis
about the said subject instead of the old boring college topics
for a change? Well, that's one good idea you have there.

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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