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>Raitenshi Veilchen wrote:
> > Okay guys, I supposed everyone's tired of the current debate as to
> > which is the best Gundam. So now, for a fresh new topic, I suggest
> > we move on to who is the best Gundam babe. Here are my nominations;
>hmm, I have waited for this one for a while :) If there's one thing I
>actually know in UC Gundam are the babes.
>where to start. The most gorgeous babe prize would have to be a tie
>between Cecily Fairchild and Chein Agi. I personally think Cecily is how
>Yasuhiko had originally visualised Sayla Mass. Anyway, a close contender
>is Kaera from CCA. If you're into more mature chicks, Emma Shin is my
>asfor other mention in the list,
>Four Murasame, she only looks good in some of Kitazume's illustrations,
>nowhere else, not even in the PSX game
>Cima is too 'SM' for me, I have my fetishes, but 'SM' ain't one of

"SM"? It's not "Sailor Moon" is it? Don't tell me... it's not the
other "SM" I know, is it? What's Cima wearing anyway? She seems to
be so popular with the other guys. Black leather?

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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