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> >Okay guys, I supposed everyone's tired of the current debate as to
> >which is the best Gundam. So now, for a fresh new topic, I suggest
> >we move on to who is the best Gundam babe. Here are my nominations;
>Your range of experience -- G, W and CCA -- is extemely limited. You also
>seem to have limited yourself to "good" girls, else you'd've surely
>included Lady Une in at least one of her incarnations.
>I don't have the URL handy, but there's a Japanese web site that does
>nothing but take votes for this sort of thing and rank the characters
>Also, all of these qualities are highly subjective. One man's "cute" is
>another man's "annoyingly puerile." I can't see the distinction between
>"beautiful" and "gorgeous" (unless you mean "glamorous") or "sexiest" and
>"'turn-on'" (unless you mean "sexy in general" versus "attractive to me").
>Still, armed with the Gundam Heroines book and Merriam Webster's 10th
>Collegiate Dictionary, I'll essay my own picks.
> >Cutest G Girl: Allenby Beasly (G Gundam) / Quess Paraya
>Definition: "Cute [short for acute] (circa 1731) 2 : attractive or pretty
>esp. in a dainty or delicate way."
>My Choice: Shakti Karin (V Gundam)
> >Sexiest G Girl: Rain Mikamura (G Gundam)
>Definition: "Sexy (1925) 1 : sexually suggestive or stimulating : EROTIC 2
>: generally attractive or interesting : APPEALING." I'll assume that
>definition 1 applies more to "'turn-on'" below and apply definition 2 here.
>My Choice: Four Murasame (Z Gundam)
> >Most Gorgeous G Girl: Relena Peacecraft (Gundam W)
>Definition: "Gorgeous [MF gorgias (elegant)] splendidly or showily
>brilliant or magnificent. synonym splendid."
>My Choice: Haman Karn (Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Gundam 0083)
> >Most Beautiful G Girl: Noin Lucrezia (Gundam W) / Chien (Agi?)
>Definition: Beautiful (15th century) 1: the quality or aggregate of
>qualities in a personor thing that gives pleasure to the senses or
>pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit : LOVELINESS."
>My Choice: Matilda Ajan (Gundam)
> >Most "turn-on" G Girl: Dorothy Catalonia (Gundam W)
>Definition: "Sexy" definition 1 above.
>My Choice: tie between Chiara Soon (Gundam ZZ) and Ennil El (Gundam X),
>although Carol Youngfan (Gundam The Battle Master) puts them both in the

Yeah, I'm still moping over the fact that I forgot Hamaan in my
original list. And you're right... Lady Une's another one. Especially when
she takes off her glasses and lets her hair loose? =D~~~~~~~~~~~

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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