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> >What exactly is a Newtype? How would you define it?
>You missed the Great Debate on this, but the gist of it was that Newtype is
>a state of enhanced awareness and empathy that appears to cross over the
>Astral Plane, allowing insights into the future or spiritual communion
>between people.
>The recent Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counter Attack Battle Document has a
>section on Newtype that breaks it down into two components: Abilities and
>Phenomena. The Abilities are further divided into Insight and Reflexes,
>the Phenomena into Pressure of the Enemy (the ability to sense others of
>similar ability who are in opposition to you) and Nonverbal Communication,
>specifically Telepathy.
>There are several instances of Newtypes having visions of people who have
>died, including people they've never met, and two famous instances of
>Newtypes who have been reinforced or drawn upon the life force of fallen
>In his own writings, Tomino seems to equate Newtype with a Buddha-like
>state of Enlightenment, but that may be an artifact of translation.
>Tomino's characters, who may or may not know the real facts, expound a
>number of theories while for the most part expressing puzzlement
>themselves. Zeon Zum Daikun, who coined the term, described it as the next
>step in human evolution, triggered by human colonization of space, akin to
>that which took place when organisms from the sea colonized the land.
>Giren Zavi used it to justify his "Master Race" Theory, in which Newtype
>replaced Oldtype as Man replaced Ape. In any case, Tomino always suggested
>that everyone was already Newtype, but only the ones identified as Newtype
>were aware of that fact.
>And, for what it's worth, Gundam X seemed to imply that there was no such
>thing as Newtype. Or, again, maybe just that we're all Newtype but don't
>know it....

I'm a Newtype, I'm a Newtype... weeee!! ^_^

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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