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> >What exactly is a Newtype? How would you define it?
> OMYGAWD. That particular question is one of the hairiest ever asked.
>Newtypes have exhibited powers ranging from telepathy, empathy,
>clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience, heightened battle instincts, the
>ability to sense other newtypes, and even extreme forms of telekinesis.
> And yet, these are only the external powers! Newtypes are also known for
>having a very innate form of understanding concerning spiritual
>matters...the more powerful they are, the more that they can have the
>ability to have this, a sort of ability to be in the "heart" of things.
>It's this part which is the most inexplicable, since it is this particular
>thing which actually determines a true Newtype.

Then, you're actually saying that these Newtypes are some sort of
super-human pilots with super powers? Then how come I recall
someone ranting about G Gundam because the pilots/Gundams have
super powers. And that "Gundam" is supposed to be realistic, with feasible
mechs and all?

Veilchen the Thunderangel

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