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Raitenshi Veilchen wrote:

> Okay guys, I supposed everyone's tired of the current debate as to
> which is the best Gundam. So now, for a fresh new topic, I suggest
> we move on to who is the best Gundam babe. Here are my nominations;

hmm, I have waited for this one for a while :) If there's one thing I
actually know in UC Gundam are the babes.

where to start. The most gorgeous babe prize would have to be a tie
between Cecily Fairchild and Chein Agi. I personally think Cecily is how
Yasuhiko had originally visualised Sayla Mass. Anyway, a close contender
is Kaera from CCA. If you're into more mature chicks, Emma Shin is my

asfor other mention in the list,
Four Murasame, she only looks good in some of Kitazume's illustrations,
nowhere else, not even in the PSX game
Cima is too 'SM' for me, I have my fetishes, but 'SM' ain't one of

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