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> > Hey man, it's work for hire, you don't retain any control unless you are
> > like Lucas who managed to finance everything without using outside money.
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> Yep, I didn't know if he had total control or not. So, if Tomino says its
> time to end Gundam once and for all, Bandai can say no to Tomino and he
> either has to continue or be fired, correct?

Nope, Tomino would just have to cope with it. Bandai (or rather Sunrise)
owns the franchise, he's just a creator. But except for Sentinel, I'm
not sure he's expressed any reluctance so far about any gundam series
(that's rather strange since a lot of gundam fans love Sentinel!)

I can't see why you can't understand this since it's the same thing in
the US. I'll make the rather OT comic analogy: series such as X Men or
Superman have never been owned by their creators. That's why a bunch of
"artists" (that very word can be discussed) decided to create their own
label a few years ago so that they would own their (lame) creations. The
most interesting part is that in the process, they hired "young talents"
who were in their turn exploited by Image (whoops, slipped my tongue).

Plus, given the size of teams working on series such as the first gundam
series, I can't even begin to figure who would own what: I mean, this
series was great thanks to Tomino, but Yoshikazu Yasuhiro shouldn't be
forgotten, he's the one who gave life to those characters with his
awesome designs. Even Kunio Okawara would have to have his share: he
came up with the first Gundam and the first Zaku! Not to mention the
voice actors! That's a really tricky issue and after all, someone has to
own those rights (but yeah, I'd give them to Tomino at any rate).

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