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> >Does Tomino or Bandai Japan own Gundam?
> Sunrise owns it. Tomino is only credited as the creator, and Bandai has
> license to make Gundam merchandise, mainly toys and model kits?
> >I know Tomino created Gundam, but
> >does he actually have control over it?
> If he did, then we'd be spared G and Wing.
> >I hear Bandai controls Gundam, but
> >shouldn't Gundams creator have full rein over Gundam and not some money
> >making company?
> Hey man, it's work for hire, you don't retain any control unless you are
> like Lucas who managed to finance everything without using outside money.

Yep, I didn't know if he had total control or not. So, if Tomino says its
time to end Gundam once and for all, Bandai can say no to Tomino and he
either has to continue or be fired, correct?
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