Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Mon, 31 May 1999 16:22:26 -0700

Hmm... Must I? There are so many, and so little space...

>Cutest G Girl

If I had to go for Cute in a homocidial manner, then I gotta say I'd pick
someone like Quess or Kiki Rojita. However, if you're going for Cutie face
in the pie of the year award, then it probably falls to Shakti.

>Sexiest G Girl

Ne'er realized that any Girls in Gundam could be so sexy. ;D

Well, she had really really small screen time, but Lucrecia (the designer of
GP03, whose name sounds like that, or maybe I'm way off) wins that prize for
me. She looks much better than that Nina girl.

>Most Gorgeous G Girl

No doubt, the hands down winner is the ever so aristocratic, yet I'm in with
the ninety's short hair look Aina Sahalin in that dainty dress of hers in
EP04 of 08th MS Team.

>Most Beautiful G Girl

Here, once again, I'd go with Aina Sahalin of 08th MS Team fame. If there
were to be a second, then I'd probably vote for that aristocratic princess,
Cecily Fairchild/Belah Ronah.

>Most "turn-on" G Girl

Dunno. Ne'er did a cel ever turn me on...

Y. Choe

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