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>What exactly is a Newtype? How would you define it?

You missed the Great Debate on this, but the gist of it was that Newtype is
a state of enhanced awareness and empathy that appears to cross over the
Astral Plane, allowing insights into the future or spiritual communion
between people.

The recent Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counter Attack Battle Document has a
section on Newtype that breaks it down into two components: Abilities and
Phenomena. The Abilities are further divided into Insight and Reflexes,
the Phenomena into Pressure of the Enemy (the ability to sense others of
similar ability who are in opposition to you) and Nonverbal Communication,
specifically Telepathy.

There are several instances of Newtypes having visions of people who have
died, including people they've never met, and two famous instances of
Newtypes who have been reinforced or drawn upon the life force of fallen

In his own writings, Tomino seems to equate Newtype with a Buddha-like
state of Enlightenment, but that may be an artifact of translation.
Tomino's characters, who may or may not know the real facts, expound a
number of theories while for the most part expressing puzzlement
themselves. Zeon Zum Daikun, who coined the term, described it as the next
step in human evolution, triggered by human colonization of space, akin to
that which took place when organisms from the sea colonized the land.
Giren Zavi used it to justify his "Master Race" Theory, in which Newtype
replaced Oldtype as Man replaced Ape. In any case, Tomino always suggested
that everyone was already Newtype, but only the ones identified as Newtype
were aware of that fact.

And, for what it's worth, Gundam X seemed to imply that there was no such
thing as Newtype. Or, again, maybe just that we're all Newtype but don't
know it....


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